January is Physical Health & Nutrition Month!

A new year and a new decade is upon us. The beginning of a new year signifies a fresh start or new beginnings to most. The phrase new year, new you tends to be very popular around this time of year. As gimmicky as this phrase may sound, the beginning of a new year can be a time of personal reflection and goal setting. Health and fitness tend to be at the top of many individuals lists when it comes to setting goals for the new year. Unfortunately, fast forward a few months and those goals that were once so exciting have turned into a daunting task that seems impossible to meet.

This year, if improving your health and fitness is a goal of yours, make sure to set
realistic goals. There is nothing wrong with starting small. In fact, starting with smaller goals sets you up for greater success in the long run. As you crush those goals it tends to give you the confidence to set bigger ones.

Do some soul searching. What do you enjoy doing? There is absolutely no reason why your journey should be miserable. Specifically when it comes to fitness, if you enjoy what you’re doing you are more than likely to continue doing it.

And remember, your health and fitness journey is a marathon not a sprint. There will be times when you don’t meet your goals, and that is okay. This journey is unique to you and no two individuals journey will look the same. Remembering these few tips will hopefully give you the motivation to stick to your goals and establish good habits that continue throughout your lifetime.